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A very comprehensive site on anything Yoko Kanno.
Contains news, discography, interviews, pictures, and many, many more.

Chinese Yoko Kanno fan forum.

with Kanno's discography, music sheets, song samples,
a rare interview with Anthony Inglis, and many more.

Japanese Kanno news site

Japanese Maaya Sakamoto and Yoko Kanno news site

French site with Kanno's discography, song samples,
wallpapers and many more.

GrandFunk Studio official site documenting
Kanno's works in TV, movies, and commercials.
Site contains song samples of her works.

This link points directly to the Gabriela Robin search results.
Gabriela Robin has two entries, one in upper case,
but they refer to the same person (...person? ).

A lyrics site :) Home to alot of lyrics used in this site.

Black Piano

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